Announcing: Harp-A-Matic – Harmonica Tabs of the FUTURE!

Want a harmonica app that shows you what, when, and where to blow or draw?  Want it to listen to you so you know you’ve get it right?  Want access to songs of all kinds as well as popular blues licks?  Harp-A-Matic is the answer, and you don’t have to wait for the future to bring it because it’s here now!  Currently available for Android OS enabled devices, Harp-A-Matic is the fun, fast, easy way to learn how to play harmonica.  It was developed with players of all ages and experience levels, so whether you’ve never blown on a mouthharp or you think you’ve learned all there is to learn, you’ll be excited to have this handheld assistant to guide you to new levels.

Harp-A-Matic uses TurboHarp’s patented TurboTab system to present you with an intuitive visual music system that only takes seconds to grasp.  The first version of this new app is free, with more advanced features to come.

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