Introducing Harp-A-Matic™
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Released 2020-07-01
“The easiest way to learn the harmonica… on the PLANET!”
Featuring TurboTabs™ – the harmonica tablature of the FUTURE
US Patent 8,664,503

GETTING STARTED (Its really easy)
  1. Select song from the list and click “preview” to listen.
  2. Select “accuracy” mode to practice hitting the correct notes. The tablature should be intuitive: red means “blow” blue means “suck” or “sip.”
  3. Once you have mastered playing the correct notes, move on to “birdseed” mode. This will challenge you to play at proper speed and rhythm. (Note: the current version only plays at one speed. The next version will allow you to adjust the speed, and also loop the selection.)
  4. When you are ready to move on to bending notes, select one of the intermediate level tunes & use the following legend.
  5. The next step is to develop your tone, and introduce expression into the music. We have provided two tools to help you (and are working on more.) One is a set of advanced symbols the represent slurs, glides, trills, tremolo, vibrato, etc.

The other tool is a mini spectrogram, found under the “Tools” menu. This is an early prototype and does not have the interactive function set up yet. Check back in the near future.

Remember the Harp-A-Matic rules:
"First - play the correct notes;"
"Then - play the correct notes, correctly!"

  • Don’t rely on the numbers on your harmonica to find the holes. Just take a chance and play any note that you think is close. Then move your head left or right until you land on the correct one. Then you’re good to go… all subsequent notes are referenced to wherever you left off. Think in terms of distance or intervals. Actually, DON’T think! Train your "muscle memory" to play just like you learn to sing or speak a new language.
  • Although TurboTab provides both pitch and timing, it does not reflect much of the personality of harmonica playing - like syncopation, tremolo, vibrato, slurs, chords, intervals, vamps, etc. We are working on ways to incorporate these nuances; but in the meantime, you need to figure them out on your own - both by listening to live performers, and by injecting your own expression into the music - getting yourself into "the groove."

Future Updates:
  • More song selections.
  • Favorites menu
  • Make-your-own tabs.
  • Change speed, looping
  • More tools to develop your technique for bending, timing, and expression.
  • And much more….

Feel free to send us your feedback, suggestions, and requests for future features.